About Out of the Box Interpreting

Out of the Box Interpreting is a place for interpreters of all kinds, from new to experienced and from spoken languages to signed languages. We know that we have much in common and by sharing with one another we increase the good for us all. We also know that in order for interpreters to do our best possible work we need to have our own needs met – whether those needs are for information, understanding, health, time, or working relationships.

We currently offer live workshops taught in a style knows as Popular Education, developed by Paulo Freire. In Popular Education we believe that we are all teachers and we are all students. Other tenets of Popular Education include:

  • We learn with our heads, our hearts, and our bodies
  • It is important to create an atmosphere of trust so that people can share their ideas and experiences
  • We all know a lot.
  • The knowledge we gain through life experience is as important as theknowledge we gain through formal education

The workshops are highly interactive and are designed to gather our group wisdom as well as presenting content. Although we present on a wide variety of interpreting topics, the content we present is centered in the perspective that interpreting is primarily an act of interacting – rather than an act of translation that just happens to occur with live people present. This theoretical framework comes from Cecilia Wadensjo’s book Interpreting as Interaction.

Our current schedule of workshops are listed above in Upcoming Events. You can see workshop descriptions, register, and pay online. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use the on line payment.