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Diagnostic Assessment for Interpreters: Using Division of Energy Theory to Improve Our Work


Why do we stay stuck in the same interpreting habits? How can we change long-standing patterns? Can interpreters develop a plan for growth that really gets us to where we want to be? Using Division of Energy theory in a process of self-analysis we can answer these questions because it gets to the root of how we work. This workshop gives us a chance to explore the theory, practice analysis using the theory, and then apply it to our own work. Interpreters will gain the the tools to develop an individualized, comprehensive professional development plan that fits their particular learning style. Wherever you are in your journey as an interpreter this process can help you move to the next stage with confidence, armed with knowledge about your own inner workings.

To make the most of this event you need to bring a sample of your live work and preferably your own laptop or mobile device to play it on.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

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