Interpreting as Interaction: Interpreting Theory for the Real World


Interpreting as Interaction: Interpreting Theory for the Real World introduces a different mindset for interpreters. Starting with real life interpreting examples, Cecilia Wadensjo, a Swedish-Russian interpreter, undertook groundbreaking research that began with actual interpreter performance and then found theory that fit the real life data. Wadensjo’s resulting theory suggests that meaning does not exist in words at all but is an activity – something built together by people in interaction – and she analyzes interpreting from this perspective. In this workshop, Marlene Elliott takes this research as Wadensjo presents it in her book Interpreting as Interaction and guides us through activities to bring this research to life and apply it our everyday work as sign language interpreters. Many interpreters feel this approach frees them to embrace all of their experience and wisdom and creates a framework for greater fluency in their work. Practical application is the cornerstone of this workshop. If you usually find theoretical talk boring, tedious, or disconnected from the real world, this is the workshop for you!

Language of Presentation: English