Interpreting in 12 Step Meetings

This workshop will use a top-down analysis of 12 step meetings as a guide for preparation and effective interpretation. Starting with understanding the nature of the interaction and the strong context of shared experience along with highly ritualized forms we will look at critical concepts such as powerlessness, progression of the addiction/illness, one day at a time, and a higher power. Participants will have the opportunity to both view and practice making this kind of talk “come alive” in ASL as well as make the link between the frozen phrases from the texts salient in voice interpretations.
Making the Most of Observations
(a method for learning from other interpreters and for analyzing our own work, especially good for newer interpreters)

Length of Activity: one or two days

Intended Audience: Working sign language interpreters

Language of Presentation: If Deaf people are present I would prefer to present in ASL. If not, then I could present in English or ASL